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More than 8 years, our design-studio develops and implements interiors full of harmony, comfort and style. We have lots of completed design projects and satisfied customers. And each of our projects is really unique, since we do not work with “copies”, we create an individual space for each person.

Every year, our team is inspired by new and fresh ideas at international conferences and exhibitions, where all the latest trends of furniture, decor, materials are collected. So you can be sure that only fresh and original ideas will be used for your project.

The main task for our design team is to understand the customer’s wishes, create a beauty in which it will be comfortable to live and to combine the different wishes of all family members. And the task of architects is to create understandable and clear drawings for the implementation of this interior. I believe that not only the appearance of the future interior is important, but also the possibility of its quick and easy implementation.

Customer Benefits


Our team consists of specialists who love their work and are able to implement it from the idea stage to the finished result. By hiring us, you get the whole range of services that are necessary for the transformation of your home or apartment.


The constant development and search for new ideas in Ukraine and abroad is very important for all specialists of our studio. Therefore, you definitely will not find two identical interiors in our portfolio.


Duration of the project is one of the most important points in the implementation of any interior. Our approach to work always guarantee an optimal deadline for the implementation of even the most complex designs.

A complex approach

We can assist in the selection of furniture, decoration materials, colors. Our experience and excellent knowledge of the construction market allows a specialist to choose reliable, high-quality and safe materials.


We can safely say that there are almost no problems left that we would not have encountered during the years of our work and we already have ways to solve them.


A wide range of services and high quality are the main features of the work of our design studio. Each client is offered an individual decision on interior design and the optimal package of services. It includes only those actions that must be taken to implement the project. We do not offer unnecessary services and do not waste your time without benefit.

Our services

Interior design

сreation of stylistic solution for the interior of your apartment or house, the creation of 3D photorealistic visualizations.

Exterior design

creation of the design of the facades of houses, cottages, commercial premises, shops, cafes. The creation of 3D photorealistic visualizations of them.

3D modeling

Our modelers are able to create 3D models of any piece of furniture, decor. Its texturing and visualization. You can separately order the necessary model from us or use it in your interior.

Selection of furniture and materials

We can help with the choosing of furniture, building materials, decor. All items used in the design project are real and it is possible to buy in Ukraine. It is also possible to pick up analogues in a different price category.


You will get a complete package of drawings for the implementation of the design. All schemes and plans are carried out by professional architects and are easy to read for any construction team.


Work stages

Step 1 - We meet, discuss

Знакомимся, обсуждаем Ваши пожелания, вкусы. Выясняем увлечения и особенности каждого члена семьи.

Step 2 - We take measurements at the facility

Делаем обмеры на объекте. На выезде команда из архитектора и дизайнера производит замер помещения, высот, размеры проемов, определяет возможности перепланировки.

Step 3 - Planning drawings

We make 2-3 space planning drawings. Each of the options can be changed until we get the perfect planning

Step 4 - Style and future concept of the interior

We determine the style and future concept of the interior. We select references for convenience

Step 5 - Interior in 3D

Создаем интерьер в 3D. По каждому помещению мы создаем 3-4 фотореалистичных визуализации, на которых Вы в подробностях можете увидеть все детали будущего интерьера.

Step 6 - Approval visualizations of the interior

After the approval of the interior on visualizations, the architectural stage of the development of drawing documentation follows:
– Space planning
– Plan without furniture (construction plan)
– Floor plans
– Ceiling plans
– Electrical drawings
– Material specification

Step 7 - We give the project in printed form.

Beautiful album (A-3 format).
Plus we provide an electronic version (PDF format).


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